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Every care has been taken with the preparation of any property particulars but complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. If there is any point which is of particular importance to you, please obtain professional confirmation. Alternatively, we will be pleased to check and confirm the information for you. The seller reserves the right to employ or use alternative or substitute materials in carrying out of the works and to vary the works in such a manner as it reasonably thinks fit or to deviate as the circumstances may require from the planning permission or building regulation approval (subject always to obtaining any further requisite approval from the local authority). Measurements have been taken from the architect’s plans. When the houses are constructed, the rooms will be measured and purchasers will be advised of any alterations. Nothing concerning the type of construction, the condition of the structure or its surroundings is to be implied from computer generated images shown as these are indicative of how a mature site may appear. Styling details may be subject to variation during the course of construction. 

All properties are offered subject to being unsold. Development names are for marketing purposes only and may not be adopted by the local authority.